12/15/2014 Montevideo, MN – Freezing Rain / Ice Storm B-Roll

Freezing rain is coating the area around the city of Montevideo, MN with over a quarter inch of ice.

Clip 1 Minnesota River sign covered in ice with ice hanging off it.

Clip 2 – 3 Snow plow on highway 212 west of Montevideo trying to scrap the ice off the road.

Clip 4 Road sign covered in ice.

Clip 5 Grass on the ground covered in thick ice.

Clip 6 – 8 Stop sign covered in ice. Wide and tight shots.

Clip 9 – 11 Vegetation covered in ice.

Clip 12 – 13 Power lines covered in ice jumping around in the high winds. Wide and tight shots.

Clip 14 – 16 POV driving on ice covered highway 212.