12/9/2014 Cobleskill, NY NorEaster Heavy Snow B-Roll

Footage of powerful Nor\'easter hitting Upstate New York Catskills with heavy snow, high winds, and flooding rains. Footage of heavy snow causing problems on I-88 & in Cobleskill, NY. Winter storm warnings are in place for the region, including Cobleskill, where a foot or more of snow is expected over the next 2 days.

All footage clips shot during evening of December 9, 2014 at dark in/near Cobleskill, NY.

Shot List:

1. Pushed-in shot of \"Watch for Ice, Next 14 Miles\" sign in foreground with emergency vehicle assisting stranded vehicle in background with heavy snow falling

2. pushed-in driving shot of \"Cobleskill\" highway sign with heavy snow falling

3-5. various shots of people walking in very heavy snow in Cobleskill, NY

6-11. various shots of vehicles driving past camera with very heavy snow falling

7. pushed-in shot of wreath & Christmas decorations on light pole with heavy snow falling in Cobleskill, NY

8. pushed-in shot of Christmas lights in park with heavy snow falling in Cobleskill, NY

9. wide shot of Cobleskill town Christmas Tree with heavy snow falling

10. pushed-in shot of Cobleskill Police Patrol vehicle in foreground with town Christmas Tree in background with heavy snow falling

11 & 12. pushed-in shots of heavy snow falling with traffic in decorated downtown Cobleskill, NY

13-17. various shots of snowplows clearing accumulated snow with heavy snow falling

18. pushed-in shot of rain/snow mix falling around street light as heavy rain changes to snow

19-25. various shots of heavy snow falling

26. pushed-in shot of heavy snow accumulating on grass

27-32. various POV driving shots with heavy snow falling on Interstate 88 Traffic near Cobleskill, NY