12/10/2014 Syracuse, NY Lake Enhanced Noreaster B-Roll

Footage of stranded motorists in Syracuse, NY as Nor\'easter enhanced by Lake Effect snow from Lake Ontario dumps heavy snow on city. Also footage of pedestrians and traffic navigating deep snow in Downtown Syracuse. Dangerous driving conditions with snow-covered highways causing several traffic accidents. Winter Storm warnings are up for area with 6-12 inches of snow expected by Thursday night.

All footage shot during morning daylight hours of December 10, 2014 in Syracuse, NY.

Shot List:

1-4. various shots of stranded car & driver in ditch on I-690 after sliding off snow-covered highway downtown Syracuse, NY

5-6. various shots of SUV stranded after sliding off highway I-690 in downtown Syracuse

7. POV driving shot of car sliding into highway median wall with police vehicle behind on snow-covered I-690 in downtown Syracuse, NY

8-12. various shots of pedestrians in heavy snow in Syracuse, NY

13. wide shot of heavy snow falling in Downtown Syracuse, NY

14-17. various shots of traffic driving on snow-covered streets in downtown Syracuse, NY

18-22. various POV driving shots on I-90 with snow-covered highway, traffic, & snow falling in Syracuse, NY