12/1/2014 Southern IL Freezing Rain & Ice Hazards

Freezing rain fell overnight and into the morning across southern Illinois where a FREEZING RAIN ADVISORY remained in effect until 6pm Monday.  A light glazing of ice, generally in the 0.10-0.15\" range (per the Paducah NWS office), coated trees and cars, as well as created some slick spots leading to spin-outs on area highways.  The warmer surfaces prevented a more significant event from unfolding, but it was still enough to cause some minor issues and bring out the snow plows.

Video package shot in Williamson County in southern Illinois near the towns of Marion and Herrin.  This is approximately 2 hours south/southeast of St. Louis.

Scene 1: Establishing shots of the icy Williamson County sign with a snow plow turning onto the road directly behind the sign.

Scene 2: Close shot of the Williamson County sign with icicles hanging from the sign.

Scene 3: Wider shot of the icy Williamson County sign.

Scene 4: POV driving shot approaching an accident on I-57 north of Johnston City as a Ford Mustang spun off the highway into the center median.

Scene 5: Wide shot looking down from an overpass of the Mustang accident scene as one cop pulls up next to another patrol vehicles.

Scene 6: Shot of the Mustang in the median with southbound traffic behind it.

Scene 7: Shot of Mustang in the median.

Scene 8: Wide shot looking at the accident scene with northbound traffic flowing behind.

Scene 9: POV drive shot of a snowplow dumping salt onto an I-57 bridge near Marion.

Scene 10: POV driving shot behind a snowplow on I-57 approaching Marion.

Scene 11: POV driving shot of oncoming snowplow.

Scene 12: Panning shot of oncoming snowplow on a Williamson County highway.

Scene 13: Shot on an I-57 overpass showing the road conditions as a Jeep drives through the shot.

Scene 14: Shot of falling sleet bouncing with blurry highway background.

Scene 15-16: Shot of ice on pine needles with passing traffic in the background.

Scene 17-18: Shot of ice on tree branches.

Scene 19-20: Shots from interior of vehicle as windshield wipers scrape across ice on windshield.

Scene 21: Shot of rolling down a window with the ice collecting at the door frame.