12/1/2014 Minneapolis, MN Sub Zero B-Roll

New footage of people out enjoying the nice sunny day around the lakes in Minneapolis, MN in the extreme cold.  

With some of the coldest air of the season blanketing the area, Minneapolis feels more like the middle of January then the first of December.

Clip 1 Minneapolis, MN Skyline at Lake of the Isle with someone in a ice house fishing on the lake.

Clip 2-3 Bank sign reading it is -5F outside at 11:08

Clip 4 Woman running around Lake Harriet with her dogs, one of them is also wearing a coat.

Clip 5 Someone running and bundled up from the cold.

Clip 6 Skyline shot at of downtown Minneapolis with the Sculpture Garden.

Clip 7 – 8 Workers clearing snow off of Lake of the Isle for the skating rink on the lake.

Clip 9 Someone walking towards the camera looking very cold.

Clip 10 Man walking wearing a yellow hat

Clip 11 Birds in the open water on Lake Calhoun

Clip 12 Danger Keep Off Ice sign.

Clip 13 Man walking looking cold wearing a hoodie

Clip 14 Man running in the cold

Clip 15 Man walking in the cold

Clip 16 Woman running in the cold

Clip 17 Man walking in the cold

Clip 18 Woman walking in the cold