11/28/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Heavy Snow Black Friday B-Roll

Black Friday is turning out to be a White Friday in Saint Cloud, MN as a clipper system is moving through the area and dropping an additional 3 inches of snow.

While shoppers are out getting the early deals, so are the snow plows to clear the roads before the big Black Friday shopping rush starts later this morning.

Clip 1 Bank sign as the snow started to fall at 10:35 PM with the temp of 2F.

Clip 2 Tight shot of the temp on the bank sign.

Clip 3 Snow falling outside Crossroads Center.

Clip 4 A couple walking into the mall in the snow. He is only wearing a T-Shirt. True Minnesota Resident.

Clip 5 Group of women walking into the mall.

Clip 6 Man cleaning off his windshield and talking about the deals he got.

Clip 7 Tight shots of ice being scrapped off the window of a car.

Clip 8 Man in a blaze orange coat cleaning the snow off his car after shopping.

Clip 9 Woman walking into the mall in the snow.

Clip 10 Two people walking out of the mall with shopping bags in the snow.

Clip 11 Snow plow on highway 15 at highway 23.

Clip 12 Traffic on Highway 23.

Clip 13 Snow plow on Highway 23 at Highway 15. Plow moves towards the camera then pans as it drives west on 23.

Clip 14 POV following a snow plow in near whiteout conditions.

Clip 15 POV following a snow plow.

Clip 16 POV of a snow plow moving towards the camera.