11/26/2014 Carbondale, IL Heavy Falling Snows

A quick shot of heavy snow took aim on Thanksgiving Eve shoppers in southern Illinois leaving a quick inch of snow in the hours just before sunset on Wednesday.  The storm started as rain mid-afternoon and went from drops with slushy centers to large flakes that came down hard and heavy for a brief bit of time.  Snow had trouble sticking initially, but as the evening wore on, those flakes accumulated up to an inch along IL Route 13.

Video package shot in Carbondale, Illinois, which is about 2 hours south/southeast of St. Louis and contains clips of shoppers at area shopping complexes as well as traffic shots in the snow.

Scene 1-2: Opening shots of a large, inflatable (and goofy looking) turkey with snow falling.

Scene 3-4: Establishing shots of heavy snow falling on the Carbondale city sign.

Scene 5-14: Various shots of Thanksgiving Eve shoppers working through the heavy falling snow.

Scene 15-16: Shots of very heavy falling snow against trees.

Scene 17-21: Various shots of traffic in the heavy falling snow.

Scene 22-24: Shots of heavy falling snow against trees.

Scne 25: Looking straight up as giant flakes fall on camera.