11/26/2014 Interstate 35 – Medford, MN Traffic Nightmare lots of crashes

The storm system that dropped up to a half a foot of new snow in southern Minnesota also caused a nightmare on the roads as dozens of accidents were reported just between Faribault, MN and Owatonna, MN.

Clip 1 Heavy snow falling along Interstate 35 with traffic at a stand still near Medford, MN

Clip 2 POV Driving in heavy snow

Clip 3 POV Driving in heavy snow

Clip 4 – 9 Several shots of Semi Trucks wrecked and blocking northbound Interstate 35 just north of Medford, MN.

Clip 10 Snow plow trying to make it through to clear the road for emergency traffic.

Clip 11 Southbound Interstate 35 traffic backed up and at a stand still.

Clip 12 State Trooper trying to get to an accident in the massive traffic jam on southbound I35.

Clip 13 Tow truck in heavy snow with a car that was in an accident.

Clip 14 Sheriff on the scene of several accidents at I35 and the Medford, MN exit.

Clip 15 Deputy walking past several wrecks.

Clip 16 Car in the ditch.

Clip 17 Deputy talking to one of those in the pile up.

Clip 18 Wider shot of car in the ditch up against the barbed wire fence.

Clip 19 Tow truck hauling off a crashed vehicle as another one sits on the side of the road at the exit.

Clip 20 Cars crashed on the side of I35

Clip 21 Crashed SUV on I35

Clip 22 Crashed vehicle and state patrol on the middle of northbound I35

Clip 23 Wrecked vehicle in the middle of I35

Clip 24 Wide shot of Vehicle and trooper on I35

Clip 25 Tight shot of the smashed front end.

Clip 26 Heavy snow and stop sign

Clip 27 POV Driving shot heading southbound with all the traffic backed up heading north.

Clip 28 Heavy snow and trees.