11/19/2014 Lockport, NY Lake Effect Snow B-Roll

Footage of record-breaking lake effect snow band from Lake Erie continuing to bury areas of western New York including town of Lockport.
Whiteout conditions in very heavy snow band creating dangerous traveling conditions.

All footage shot during daylight on morning of November 19, 2014 in Lockport, NY

1.Pushed-in shot of Several National Guard HUMV vehicles in heavy falling snow

2. Pushed-in shot of mother & child crossing snow-covered road with heavy snow falling

3. Pushed-in shot of snowplow clearing road with heavy snow falling

4. Pushed-in shot of woman entering car with heavy snow falling

5. POV shot of traffic with very heavy snow falling

6. pushed-in shot of traffic passing with near white-out visibility

7. pushed-in shot of whiteout conditions in heavy snow

8. pushed-in shot of \"Erie Canal\" road sign with very heavy snow falling

9. pushed-in shot of traffic light with heavy snow falling

10-26. various shots of traffic passing with very heavy snow falling in whiteout conditions at times