11/18/2014 East Aurora, NY Stranded Cars Lake Effect Snow B-Roll

New footage from East Aurora, NY of the massive lake effect of snow event.

All shots during morning daylight in & near East Aurora, NY on November 18, 2014

Shot List:

Shots 1-6 depict an event where shooter found a couple stranded in deep snow en route to a hospital. Husband had severe hand wound from earlier snow blower accident & needed medical assistance. The shooter tried to tow-out couple\'s car, then drove couple to meet an ambulance at East Aurora police station.

1. pushed-in shot of couple stranded in car (man has severe hand injury from snow blower accident) near East Aurora, NY

2. wide POV shot of car with tow-cable attempting to move stranded car

3. wide POV shot with stranded driver exiting vehicle

4. wide POV shot with shooter helping stranded driver

5. wide POV shot with shooter unhooking tow cable after unsuccessful attempt to help stranded vehicle trapped in deep snow

6. stranded couple walk to shooter\'s vehicle (shooter drives couple to ambulance for medical assistance)

7 & 8. wide shots of stranded car nearly buried in 4 feet of snow outside East Aurora, NY

9 & 10. pushed-in shots of stranded vehicle & driver with police officer at scene for assistance

11. wide POV shot showing semi-truck becoming stuck in deep snow

12 & 13. POV driving shots passing stranded truck & snow plow on steep grade hill near East Aurora, NY

14. POV driving shots passing stranded car in deep snow

15 & 16. Pushed-in shots of car buried in several feet of snow in East Aurora, NY

17 & 18. shots of man pumping gas during heavy lake effect snow

19 & 20. shots of vehicles driving in heavy lake effect snow

21. shot of passing snow removal vehicle in East Aurora, NY

22. pushed-in shot of people struggling to walk through deep snow & high winds during lake effect snow band

23-28. various shots of heavy blowing snow from lake effect snow band