9/18/2014 Phoenix, AZ Sky Harbor Locked Down, Behind Security Check Point

Footage form inside Phoenix, AZ Sky Harbor Airport beyond the security check point while waiting to fly back after chasing the remnants of Hurricane Odile in southeastern Arizona on Wednesday.

One of the busiest airports in the country was locked down Thursday afternoon due to a Tempe, AZ  shooting prompted a pursuit that led to the airport.

Passengers that who just arrived to the Sky Harbor were not allowed to leave the gate area and security was not telling anyone what was happening.  Several thousand people also were bumped from their connecting flights as dozens of flights were canceled after the several hour delay.

Clip 1 Pan shot of the exit area inside Terminal 4 shut down and nobody was allowed to leave.  Great Audio of what was being told to everyone over the loud speakers.

Clip 2 Security check point locked down and nobody coming into the terminal

Clip 3 Low shot of one of the check points locked down.

Clip 4 Passengers trying to leave the airport stuck at the security check point as everyone was detained.  Great Audio of what was being told to everyone.

Clip 5 Locked down security check point that would not let anyone into the terminal.

Clip 6 Interview with one of the ground crew workers telling me what was happening.  

Clip 7 B-Roll of people just sitting around in the terminal waiting to find out when they can leave.

Clip 8 Pan shot right of the security check point and people waiting to leave the terminal

Clip 9 B-roll of people inside the airport that were force to stay there while waiting to leave the terminal

Clip 10 Airport workers were even forced to stay in place while waiting for the lock down to end.

Clip 11 Large group of people sitting around the airport terminal

Clip 12 B-Roll of the empty airport gates as all incoming flights were diverted.

Clip 13 Airport security check point locked down as workers stand around.

Clip 14 Passengers and flight crews standing around waiting to leave the terminal.

Clip 15 More passengers waiting to leave the terminal.

Clip 16 After several hours of waiting, passengers and staff were finally able to leave the airport terminal.

Clip 17 – 19 Footage of the Departures where several of them were now "Cancelled".

Clip 20 B-roll of an Airplane finally being able to land after the lock down ended.