9/18/2014 Tropical Storm Odile Flash Flooding in Southeast Arizona.

The remains of what was Hurricane Odile moved into southeastern Arizona this afternoon and caused flooding in several communities.  

The footage is from the town of Pima, AZ in the first part of the video from the start to 1;24;00. and the second part of the video from 1;24;00 to end is from around the area of Whetstone, AZ.

Clip 1, Road sign warning of flooding in the town of Pima, AZ

Clip 2 Flooding and the road blocked off in the town of Pima, AZ where Ash Creek started to flood.

Clip 3 Flooding at Ash Creek in Pima, AZ

Clip 4 – 6 POV driving through heavy rain on Interstate Ten south of 191 south of Pima

Clip 7 POV shot showing the heavy rain and the green vegetation when everything should be brown and dead.

Clip 8 Clouds moving up and over a mountain south of Pima, AZ
Clip 9 Flash flooding in the town of Whetstone with water running over the road and a sign warning of the road flooded ahead.

Clip 10 An SUV tries to navigate though the flash flooding but finds the road is turned to mud.  The SUV almost gets suck but was able to back out of the hazard.

Clip 11 Rushing waters over a roadway in Whetstone, AZ

Clip 12 Rushing waters over a roadway in Whetstone, AZ

Clip 13 Flash flooding over a road in Whetstone, AZ

Clip 14 Flash flooding going over a road and down into a drainage ditch.

Clip 15 Flash flooding

Clip 16 Flash flooding with a tighter shot of the water going into the drainage system

Clip 17 Car driving through the flooding

Clip 18 Water covering another road

Clip 19 Rushing water flash flooding flowing over a road

Clip 20 Just south of Whetstone, very low clouds roll over one of the hill sides or mountains.

Clip 21 Long clip of the clouds moving from east to west as they roll over the top of a mountain.