8/28/2014 Marion, IL Flash Flooding

Strong storms put an end to the week-long heatwave across southern Illinois as Thursday was the first day in seven days where heat-related alerts were not in effect.  However, the cooler weather came at the price of heavy rain as doppler radar estimates over 2 inches fell in less than an hour across many areas of southern Illinois, including in the city of Marion.  Storms fired early in the afternoon and continued to form and slowly move across the region into the evening.  The season opener for the Saluki College Football Team in nearby Carbondale went on as the storms cleared the area before kickoff.

Video package shot in Marion, Illinois on I-57 about 2 hours southeast of St. Louis in Williamson County.

Scene 1: POV shot looking east toward the storm over Marion with a lightning strike.

Scene 2: POV looking out windshield at a stop lightning that was flashing red, likely due to lightning strike.

Scene 3: Shot at two men pushing a pickup truck after it stalled out in high waters behind it.

Scene 4-5: POV shots driving through flooded roadway in Marion.

Scene 6: POV shot looking out window of traffic in flooded streets.

Scene 7: Pickup truck driving through flooded roads kicking up lots of water.

Scene 8: Oncoming truck splashing large amounts of water off flooded roads.

Scene 9: Long shot beginning with an oncoming school bus driving through flooded roads, followed by other oncoming traffic in the water.

Scene 10: Close shot of traffic driving away from the camera in the flooded streets.

Scene 11: Shots of two vehicles moving in opposite directions moving through flood waters.

Scene 12: Three vehicles driving across the frame through flooded streets.

Scene 13: Panning shot of oncoming truck drives through flood waters, moves off screen revealing opposite moving traffic driving through the flood waters.

Scene 14: Several vehicles driving through flooded streets.

Scene 15: Oncoming white car drives at camera through flooded streets.

Scene 16-17: Wide shots of flooded street with cars driving through it.

Scene 18: Utility truck driving at a camera through flooded streets.

Scene 19: Tighter shot of traffic in the flooded streets.

Scene 20: Oncoming pickup truck drives through flooded street in a Marion residential area.

Scene 21: Shot of flood waters in a yard with water up to the bumper of a pickup truck mostly blocked by home.

Scene 22: Shot of flood waters at Marion house.

Scene 23: Shot of flood waters up to the garage of a Marion home.

Scene 24: Shot looking into the backyard of a residence that is flooded with pieces of firewood floating in the water.

Scene 25: Panning shot of flood waters in a Marion yard.

Scene 26: Static wide shot of flooded Marion yard.