8/26/2014 Carbondale, IL Heat Advisory B-Roll

Extreme heat continues across southern Illinois as Heat Advisories went into their 6th straight day. Temperatures in the 90s combined with high humidity created heat index values into the low 100s, sometimes flirting with the 110-degree mark. Areas just to the north near St. Louis and points east have been under an Excessive Heat Warning for the last week. With advisories and warnings issued through Wednesday evening, that will be seven straight days under these advisories across central and southern Illinois and Missouri.

Video package shot in Carbondale, Illinois which is located approximately 2 hours south/southeast of St. Louis. Video details how area high school sports teams are beating the extreme heat, detailed below. Also shows empty school playgrounds as many area schools have moved recess indoors to keep kids out of the heat during the day.

Scene 1: Wide shot looking at Bleyer Field, home of the Carbondale Terriers, as several of the cross country girls walk by.

Scene 2: Cross Country team running in a group.

Scene 3: Two students bringing a bucket of ice over to tubs the team was using to cool down after their run. Students are instructed to sit in the ice baths for 10 minutes before coming out to allow their bodies to cool down.

Scene 4: Student pouring ice into one of the tubs with a bathing student reacting to the chill.

Scene 5: One of the coaches pouring ice into a tub.

Scene 6: Two kids pouring ice into a tub.

Scene 7: Close-up shot of ice bucket as it is poured into a tub.

Scene 8: Two students dumping more ice into a tub.

Scene 9: Shot of two tubs full of the Cross Country team.

Scene 10: Medium shot of tubs and students.

Scene 11: Low wide shot of students and tubs.

Scene 12: Two runners walking with water bottles.

Scene 13: A runner drinking from a water bottle then pouring some on his head.

Scene 14: Runner taking a drink, then setting down.

Scene 15-19: Football players drinking and drenching from a water fountain.

Scene 20-24: Various shots of football players at practice.

Scene 25: Wide shot of the local Carbondale Dairy Queen.

Scene 26-27: Shots of a mother and her daughter enjoying a cool treat at the Dairy Queen.

Scene 28-29: Mailman in a sun hat in downtown Carbondale.

Scene 30: Two girls at a bus stop.

Scene 31: Shot of sun reflecting off vehicle window.

Scene 32-37: Various shots of an elementary school playground void of students as school officials have called for recesses to be done indoors due to the heat.