8/7/2014 Marion, IL Street Flooding & Heavy Rains

The first wave of rains moved into southern Illinois Thursday afternoon dropping over an inch in less than an hour in many places across the region.  Several more rounds are expected through Friday night with even more rains and potential for flooding.  August is typically one of the drier months in Illinois, and with another inch or two possible through Friday, this is highly unusual for this time of year in southern IL.

Marion recorded 1.36\" of rain in less than an hour as measured by the automated gauge at Marion Junior High School with this first round.  It lead to the street flooding shown in this clip.  Marion is 2 hours southeast of St. Louis in Williamson County.

Scene 1: POV drive shot following a vehicle into the street flooding.

Scene 2: Traffic driving in heavy rains and street flooding.

Scene 3: Traffic driving through the street flooding in Marion during the heavy rain event.

Scene 4-5: Shots of oncoming traffic in the street flooding and heavy rains.

Scene 6: A bicyclist in traffic in the street flooding and heavy rain.

Scene 7-10: Various traffic shots during the rain storm in the street flooding.

Scene 11: Statis shot looking at one of the flooded neighborhood roads and yards.

Scene 12: POV drive shot on I-57 coming into Marion during the rain storm.

Scene 13-14: Motorcyclist in the rains shot POV on I-57 coming into Marion.

Scene 15: POV shot in heavy rains on I-57 in Marion.

Scene 16: POV shot in heavy rains in Marion.

Scene 17: Shot of a vehicle at an intersection during the rain.

Scene 18-20: Shots of rain against trees showing the intensity of the downpour.

Scene 21: Shot of moving traffic in the heavy rains.