8/2/2014 Chillicothe OH Severe Storms B-Roll

Slow moving thunderstorms developed across central Ohio, one particularly strong cell formed over Ross county and lead to a severe thunderstorm warning and flood advisories as over an inch of rain fell in less than 45 minutes. Some minor flooding in the town of Chillicothe was observed along with dime-sized hail, but no major damage was reported.

Scene 1-3: POV driving shots during the storm as heavy rains fall.

Scene 4: Water pouring through water spouts on a bridge during the rain.

Scene 5: Oncoming traffic drives through standing water.

Scene 6: POV shot as the vehicle in front drives through several inches of standing water over a Chillicothe road.

Scene 7-13: Various shots of cars driving through several inches of standing water on roads on the south side of town.

Scene 14: Shot looking at a parked car with water on the curb.

Scene 15-16: Shots of flowing water into gutters.

Scene 17: Two kids playing in the rain and skipping through puddles.