7/27/2014 Bellefontaine, OH Severe Storms

Severe storms erupted across the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys on Sunday bringing over 200 severe weather reports to the region as of this upload. Storms fired from Michigan down to North Carolina affecting nine states in the Midwest not including storms in the northeast.

Storms over Ohio created some problems, mainly with minor wind damage and flooding as several flood advisories were issued from Columbus and points northwest. A tornado watch was issued for most of Ohio through the day on Sunday.

Video package shot in the town of Bellefontaine, Ohio, which is about 50 miles northwest of Columbus in Logan County. An ASOS station measured a 53mph wind gust with this storm as it rolled through at 6:50pm EDT; it was severe warned as it hit the town.

Scene 1-3: POV driving shots approaching the severe-warned storm with an occasional wall cloud.

Scene 4: Close shot of wall cloud with rising motion.

Scene 5: Approaching storm from US-33/US-68 junction.

Scene 6: Intense winds blowing as the storm moves into the town.

Scene 7: Shot of tops of trees blowing in the wind.

Scene 8: Heavy rains and winds as the storm hits.

Scene 9: POV drive shot during the storm in town.

Scene 10-11: Shots of traffic in the heavy rains.

Scene 12: Gutters bursting water onto the streets during the storm.

Scene 13: Wide shot of cars in the rain.

Scene 14: Oncoming car drives through standing water on the road.

Scene 15-20: Various shots and angles of vehicles driving through standing water.

Scene 21: Water flowing along the street.