7/12/2014 Champaign, IL Flash Flooding

Early morning thunderstorms pushed across north-central Illinois bringing as much as 4-inches of rain in several hours to the city causing flash flooding all across town.  One report of 2.64\" in less than 2 hours from the storms with several reports of upwards of 4-inches were reported.  Numerous vehicles were stranded in the high water with cops closing off many streets in the city.  Flash flood warnings were issued for the city.

Scene 1: Establishing shot of Champaign police closing off one of the streets near downtown.

Scene 2: Cop with stalled van in the flood waters in the background.

Scene 3: Close up of stalled van in the flood waters.

Scene 4-6: Series of clips documenting a bicyclist trying and failing to get through the waste-deep flood waters.  He returns to higher ground defeated.

Scene 7: Another wide shot of flooded road with stalled van.

Scene 8: Another cop closes another road, this time with a car stalled in the waters.

Scene 9: Shot of the stalled car with its emergency flashers on.

Scene 10: Blue minivan drives through flooded intersection.

Scene 11: A gold car drives through flood waters.

Scene 12: A red SUV drives through flood waters.

Scene 13: Walking dude with an umbrella panning out to traffic driving through flood waters.

Scene 14: Vehicles driving in high waters.

Scene 15: Oncoming SUV drives and turns through flood waters.

Scene 16: Zoomed in of a tire in flood waters panning out as it turns through water.

Scene 17: SUV in flood waters pulls out of the ponding.

Scene 18: Static shot of vehicles in high water.

Scene 19: Line of cars in high water.

Scene 20: Wide shot of flooded street.

Scene 21-23: POV drive shots in the heavy rains.

Scene 24: Water coming out of a sewer.