7/9/2014 InfraRed Lightning Footage Experiment – Pawnee National Grassland CO

Infrared Light Video and Visible Light Video of Lightning.

This video is not a chase video that you would normally see form us. This is footage from an experiment using two different cameras Side By Side

Camera 1 is a heavily modified camera that is able to shoot in Infrared and Ultra Violet light wave lengths to be able to pick up what the human eye can not see.

Camera 2 is a standard 3CCD HD Broadcast ENG video camera for shooting in the normal visible light wave lengths.

Initial findings is that the IR camera is able to see a lot more details
that are hidden to the visible light camera or naked eye.

What was very faint or even not visible to the naked eye or the standard broadcast camera shows up on the Infrared camera without a problem. Even some of the in cloud lightning flashes that were not visible to the broadcast camera could be seen by the Infrared camera.