6/11/2014 Sarasota, FL Beach Storm B-Roll

HD video. A SW flow causes reverse seabreeze where storms form in morning along the coast and move inland by afternoon. This is the reverse of the typical SE flow pattern where storms form inland then move to the coast in the afternoon. The morning storms caught some Siesta Key Beach goers by surprise and sent them scurrying for cover to take shelter from wind driven rain and lightning.

Shot list:

1) Wide shot of storm clouds over Siesta Key beach.
2) Leading edge of rain shaft and black clouds approaching beach with people on beach.
3) Family on beach looking up at sky.
4) Rainbow forms as rain shaft and storm clouds approach coast.
5) People in water as waves pick up with approaching storm.
6) Guy with green umbrella looks around as thunder rumbles.
7) Boat offshore with rainbow and thunder rumbles.
8) Small boat offshore racing for cover as storm and heavy rain approach.
9,10) Two shots of people running off beach as rain hits.
11) Beach parking lot with school bus in heavy rain and crashing thunder.
12) Heavy rain.
13) Parked SUV in heavy rain and thunder.
14) Dash cam shot with splashing traffic in heavy rain.
15,16) Two shots of downtown Sarasota skyline in rain and thunder with storm clouds.
17) Boat navigates markers on bay in rain.