6/11/2014 Russell Springs, KS Tornado Warned with large hail

Severe storms erupted across eastern Colorado and moved into western Kansas late in the afternoon with several reports of tornadoes, strong winds, and hail. One storm pushed into Kansas and moved into the Russell Springs area where radar-indicated rotation prompted a tornado warning on the cell.

Scene 1-2: Wide angle shots of storm as it moved into northern Logan County north of Russell Springs.

Scene 3-4: Shots of approaching storm and shelf cloud.

Scene 5: Shot of storm clouds.

Scene 6: Shot of girl watching storm.

Scene 7-8: Shots of blowing dust in front of storm.

Scene 9: Cars drive into blowing dust.

Scene 10: High winds and rain in grass.

Scene 11: Shot of rain and hail falling on roadway.

Scene 12: Shots of hail on the ground with occasional stone falling.

Scene 13: Rain and bouncing hail in grass.

Scene 14: Oncoming semi-truck in wind and rain.

Scene 15: Wind in grass.

Scene 16: Wide shot outside in strong winds.

Scene 17: High winds and rain with water towers.

Scene 18-19: POV shots in high winds and rain.

Scene 20: Shots of hail in the hand.

Scene 21-22: Hailstones measured with ruler post-storm.