5/31/2014 Limon, CO LP Supercell & Street Flood

On the 1-year anniversary of the El Reno tornado, former TWISTEX team member, Tony Laubach, chased the eastern Plains of Colorado and intercepted an LP (low-precipitation) Supercell.  This storm was one of several across eastern Colorado, some prompting warnings as they marched east.  Colorado was one of several states affected by severe storms as Wyoming, Nebraska, the Dakotas, and Montana aso saw its share of weather.  This is the first in a multi-day severe weather event expected to ramp up tomorrow through the middle of the upcoming week.

Video package shot in Lincoln County in and south of Limon.  Intercept was originally on an LP storm south of Limon, and ran late to the storm that hit Limon that dumped sub-severe accumulating hail and did some minor street flooding.

Scene 1-3: Wide angle shots of the LP supercell south of Limon in Lincoln County.

Scene 4: 12-second timelapse of LP supercell.

Scene 5: Gustnado from the LP supercell south of Limon captured by driver out the window as they were southbound on CO-71.

Scene 6-9: POV dashcam shots as chasers return to Limon as another storm pushed through with accumulating hail.

Scene 10: Static shot of hail covered CO-71 on the south side of Limon.

Scene 11: Vehicle in downtown Limon awaits to turn onto Main Street from a hail drift on the road.

Scene 12: Tight shot of hail drift on the road in Limon.

Scene 13-14: Man leaves street cones blocking a flooded road in Limon.

Scene 15: Man drives pickup truck across flooded road and water goes up to front bumper.

Scene 16-17: Blue vehicle drives back and forth through flood waters.

Scene 18: Wide shot of flooded street with two people on the other side.

Scene 19-20: Shots of some minor flooding to an industrial area in Limon.

Scene 21: Tight shot of vivid rainbow on the backside of the Limon storm.

Scene 22: Wide shot of vivid rainbow on the backside of Limon storm.