5/31/2014 Albany, MN Flash Flooding B-Roll

Very heavy rain from a slow moving weather system this morning dumped several inches of rain over central Stearns County in Minnesota.  The worst of the flooding was just outside of the town of Albany, MN where the drainage ditches were overflowing and small streams turned into rivers.

Clip 1 Water blasting out of a drainage pipe as additional water flows over the top of the road and down the side of the hill.

Clip 2 Looking down from the road as the water is flowing over the roadway down to the drainage pipe where it is blasting out into a field.

Clip 3 Road under water signs and a minivan floating in the road in several feet of water.

Clip 4 Minivan stranded in the flooded out road.  

Clip 5 Tighter shot of the minivan in the flooded out road as the driver gets out and walks out of the several feet of water.

Clip 6 Pullback shot of a Sheriffs Deputy squad car blocking the roadway as water is flowing across the highway.

Clip 7 Low shot of the flooded our roadway with the Deputy Squad in the distance.

Clip 8 – 9 Rushing water through a flooded out farm field.

Clip 10 – 11 A car and a pickup truck drive through the flooded out roadway.

Clip 12 Rushing water over a gravel road.

Clip 13 Pickup truck blasts through the flooded out gravel road.

Clip 14 Tight shot of the flood waters rushing over the gravel road.

Clip 15 A field next to a grove of tree's and a small creek now looks more like a lake.

Clip 16 The force of the water running into the drainage system created a vortex in the water.

Clip 17 Tight shot of road and soil erosion from the heavy rain and flash flooding.

Clip 18 SUV driving through a flooded road.

Clip 19 Tight low shot of the rushing water over a road.

Clip 20 A car drives through the flooded roadway.

Clip 21 POV shot driving in the heavy rain.