5/24/2014 Odessa, TX Hail & Street Flood

Another day of severe weather across the south plains of West Texas started early in the afternoon with a severe-warned storm with 1.25\" hail moving across the west side of Odessa, Texas.  This storm also caused some minor street flooding on the west side of town thanks to the torrential rains that accompanied the hail.

Scene 1: POV drive shot of approaching storm and hail core.

Scene 2: Shot of storm clouds.

Scene 3: Shot of hail hitting the ground.

Scene 4: Shot of hail bouncing out of the grass as it falls.

Scene 5-6: Shots of oncoming vehicles in the hail trying to get to shelter at a gas station.

Scene 7-9: Shots of vehicles taking shelter under a nearby overpass during the hailstorm.

Scene 10: Shot of pickup truck with hail falling.

Scene 11: Wide shot of hail hitting parking lot.

Scene 12: Oncoming truck in hail.

Scene 13: Close up of vehicle taking shelter under gas station.

Scene 14-16: Shots of hailstones with ruler and coins, measured 1.25\".

Scene 17: Two semi-trucks drive through flooded roadway.

Scene 18: Semi blasts through water splashing it up high.

Scene 19: Car driving through flooded road.

Scene 20: Oncoming pickup driving through flood water.