5/1/2014 Southern IL Unseasonable Cool

After all the insanity of the last week, how about some calmer weather!  Folks in southern Illinois were happy to be out of the severe weather and flooding rains, even as temperatures were well below average for the first day of May.

Around the region, temperatures were as much as 20-degrees below normal, with upper 50s and mid 60s region-wide compared to the lower to mid-70s that are normal for this time of year.  Mostly cloudy skies and a slight breeze added to the chill and had people all over town in jackets and long pants as opposed to t-shirts and shorts.  It feels more like March than it does May.

Carbondale, IL is in Jackson County, about two hours south/sooutheast of St. Louis.

Scene 1: Shot of Carbondale bank sign late in the morning showing temperatures in the mid-50s.

Scene 2: Establishing shot of the Southern IL University campus with several cars driving by.

Scene 3-4: Shots of oncoming people on motorcycles.

Scene 5: Girl riding a bike at the camera in a jacket.

Scene 6: Girl in a jacket crossing the street and pans with her until it stops on an oncoming biker.

Scene 7: Girl in jeans and a jacket walking across the street.

Scene 8: Same girl standing in a jacket at a bus stop.

Scene 9: A guy in a jacket with hands in his pocket walking at the camera.

Scene 10: A guy and a girl walking at the camera in jackets and hoodies.

Scene 11: Two girls in jackets walking at the camera in jackets.

Scene 12: Panning shot of a guy on a bike.

Scene 13: Guy in a jacket walking.

Scene 14: Wide panning shot of a girl walking in a hoodie with the hood up.

Scene 15: Girl in a jacket walking across the street away from the camera.

Scene 16-20: Various shots of trees in the light breeze, including a flowering tree on the last two shots.