4/28/2014 Christian County, IL Severe Storms B-Roll

While the south got hammered by a major tornado outbreak, the north side of this system brought severe weather and heavy rains to parts of the Midwest. Storms formed in a line in eastern Missouri and pushed into Illinois prompting a tornado watch and numerous severe thunderstorm warnings. Many reports of hail and some wind damage was reported across the central part of the state.

Scene 1: POV shot approaching the severe warned line of storms.

Scene 2: Driving shot of scud tags beneath the severe warned storm.

Scene 3: Looking straight up at the \"Whale\'s Mouth\".

Scene 4-5: Static shot and panning shot looking at the \"Whale\'s Mouth\".

Scene 6: Ominous clouds behind a barn.

Scene 7: Ominous clouds over the road.

Scene 8-9: POV driving shots through torrential rains.

Scene 10: Pulling into the town of Pana, Illinois in extreme southeast Christian County where some street flooding had occurred.

Scene 11-19: Various shots and angles of vehicles driving through water over US-51 in Pana, Illinois.