4/27/2014 Anna, IL Street Flooding B-Roll

Severe weather rolled across the south on Sunday bringing damaging tornadoes and wind damage. However the big issue in southern IL was the rainfall as the storm system responsible for the Arkansas tornadoes moved into the region and dumped rainfall upwards of 3-inches to places across the area. Severe thunderstorm warnings were issued along with Flash Flood Warnings as the complex moved across southern IL. With more rain expected tomorrow across the region, there are heightened concerns of more flash flooding potential through Monday night.

Package shot in the town of Anna, Illinois in Union County, approximately 20 miles northeast of Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

Scene 1: POV shot of oncoming vehicle driving through torrential rains.

Scene 2: POV shot looking straight at a flooded road as several vehicles splashed water up toward the car.

Scene 3: Long shot during the storm of an oncoming pickup truck slowly driving through water up to a foot deep in Anna.

Scene 4: POV shot of oncoming vehicle driving over ponding on the road.

Scene 5: Shots of opposite moving vehicles driving in flood waters.

Scene 6: Two vehicles drive through flooded roadway.

Scene 7: Wide shot of traffic driving through water.

Scene 8: Vehicle turning onto side street with water up to the bottom of its doors.

Scene 9: Static shot of Anna cop car sitting in the heavy rain.

Scene 10: Anna traffic in the heavy rain.

Scene 11: Shot of street light with heavy rain falling.

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