4/27/2014 Odessa, MO Storm Damage B-Roll

A long-lived line of storms developed across Kansas early Sunday morning and trucked east into Missouri where it lead to numerous warnings and reports of wind damage.

At 12:51pm, the National Weather Service issued a \'TORNADO WARNING\' for a cell that had strong rotation on radar near Odessa along I-70. Damage was then reported in town, including an overturned semi at the Odessa exit and minor building/tree damage in town. A mobile home park on the east side of town had numerous homes damaged by the storm. Several trees were downed in town and there was also damage to a gas station. Initial reports as straight line winds, but radar indicated rotation over town at the time the damage was reported.

No injuries were reported.

Scene 1-2: Shots of overturned semi-truck with the Odessa exit sign next to it.

Scene 3-5: Various angles of overturned semi.

Scene 6: Panned shot of damaged gas station roof with metal peeled off.

Scene 7: Panned shot of debris on the ground up to the damage gas station roof cover.

Scene 8-10: Various shots of damaged gas station.

Scene 11-12: Shots of damaged roof on a mobile home in town.

Scene 13-14: Two angles of metal roofing bent around a sign post.

Scene 15: Panning shot from metal piece to a downed telephone/light pole.

Scene 16: Shot of downed power pole with line nearly fallen on a car.

Scene 17: Panning shot up downed pole.

Scene 18: Static shot of down pole.

Scene 19: Panned shot from broken wind on the ground to the damaged mobile home it came off.

Scene 20: Wide shot of mobile home with down tree in front yard.

Scene 21-22: Man dragging a tarp followed by shot of man stapling tarp to mobile home side damaged in the storm.

Scene 23: Shot of down tree in parking lot of bank.

Scene 24: Shot of bank sign with down tree.

Scene 25-30: Various shots of driving winds and rain on the interstate behind the damaging part of the storm.