3/15/2014 Wichita Kansas Hail B-Roll

Thunderstorms developed over south-central Kansas this afternoon producing small hail and thunder. The rain was a welcomed sight for the area as we have been dealing with grass fires the previous two days. Especially on Thursday when we had strong winds.

Shot List

1) Hail falling/bouncing on pavement (tight shot).

2) Hail falling/bouncing on pavement as a truck drives by (wide shot).

3) Hail bouncing on pavement (tight shot).

4) Rain and hail falling against evergreen trees.

5) Hail and heavy rain falling in a parking lot.

6) Motorist at a gas station under the awning. Some trying to get out of the hail and others fueling up.

7) Water runoff going down the storm drain after a heavy burst of rain and hail.

8) Flag shot with rain falling and overcast conditions.

9) Traffic driving in the rain with puddles of water accumulating along the side of the roads.

10) Zoomed in shot on rain falling into a puddle.

11) POV driving shot of storm clouds building over interstate 135 in north Wichita.

12) Storm clouds brewing south of highway 254 as traffic passes in north Wichita.

13) Zoomed in shot on a rain shaft where heavy rain and hail is falling over downtown Wichita.

14) Wide shot of a storm over the Wichita metro area.

15) Wind blowing an empty flag pole around with thunder rumbling overhead.

16) Storm clouds with a black truck passing.

17) Turbulent sky shot.