3/12/2014 Syracuse, NY Blizzard Footage

Vicious March blizzard strikes Great Lakes Region hitting Syracuse, NY especially hard.  The National Weather Service issued blizzard and winter storm warnings for Upstate New York as heavy snow and 40-50 mph winds blow snow causing white-out conditions with zero visibility.  Traveling is dangerous as plows and salt crews can\'t keep up with the powerful storm.  The roaring winds knock down power lines and utility poles causing widespread power outages over the Syracuse area and Interstate 90 is shut down due to treacherous driving conditions.

All footage shot in late afternoon and evening in daylight in or near Syracuse, NY.


1-4. wide and pushed-in shots of Utility pole snapped by 40-50 mph winds with snow falling causing power outages west of Syracuse, NY
5. pushed-in POV shot of power lines downed by high blizzard winds with utility van at scene west of Syracuse, NY
6. POV driving shot of emergency vehicles at intersection with traffic lights out of power caused by high blizzard winds in Syracuse, NY
7. Pushed-in POV shot of abandoned vehicle stuck in deep snow in Syracuse, NY neighborhood with road flares around vehicle
8. pushed-in POV shot of emergency vehicles with lights blaring with snow falling in Syracuse, NY where I-90 was closed forcing traffic on side roads
9. pushed-in shot of stand-still traffic jam on I-81 in Syracuse, NY caused by a severe accident from slick snow & ice covered roads with high winds
10 & 11. POV driving shots of police vehicle with lights blaring and multi-car accident with severely damaged van from sliding on ice and snow covered roads with poor visibility on I-81 in Syracuse, NY
12.pushed-in shot of electronic I-90 sign warning of \"Road Closed\" ahead due to severe blizzard conditions West of Syracuse, NY
13. wide shot of electronic I-90 sign warning of \"Road Closed\" ahead due to severe blizzard conditions west of Syracuse, NY
14. pushed-in POV driving shot of police vehicle with lights blaring and road flares blocking I-90 forcing traffic off Interstate due to closure from dangerous blizzard conditions near Syracuse, NY
15. panning wide close-range shot of snowplow plowing deep snow in downtown Syracuse, NY
16-18. various shots of bulldozer plowing parking area in Syracuse, NY with blowing and falling snow
19. pushed in shot of slow-moving traffic in low visibility with heavy snow falling and blowing near Syracuse, NY
20. POV driving shot of traffic on I-90 west of Syracuse, NY before being forced off highway due to closure
21. POV driving shot of I-90 west of Syracuse, NY with very low visibility from heavy snow and blowing snow
22. pushed-in shot of very heavy snow falling with trees in background in Syracuse, NY
23. wide shot of snow & ice covered city street in downtown Syracuse, NY with snow on parked vehicles and snow falling
24. POV driving shot in downtown Syracuse, NY with people walking in road and deep snow on road with snow falling
25. pushed-in low to ground shot with traffic driving through deep snow covered road in downtown Syracuse, NY
26. pushed-in shot of traffic at intersection with very low visibility from falling and blowing snow near Syracuse, NY
27. pushed-in shot of traffic signal blowing in very high blizzard winds near Syracuse, NY
28 & 29. two different pushed-in shots of American, New York State, and POW-MIA flags fiercely blowing in very high winds with snow falling near Syracuse, NY
30. pushed in shot of electronic time/temp bank sign showing \"5:32\"pm EDT, and \"19\" deg F in downtown Syracuse, NY showing very cold temps for March in association with powerful blizzard