2/17/2014 Littleton, Colorado Wind Damage

Strong winds impacted the Colorado Front Range across the Denver metro area overnight Monday and caused scattered damage to trees, fences, and other structures.  Wind gusts up to 85mph were reported near Boulder with those hurricane force gusts impacting the Ken Caryl area in Littleton, Colorado on the southwest side of the Denver Metro Area where this package is shot.  Denver International Airport measured a gust of 59mph overnight with many areas across town reaching up to 75mph.

More strong winds are expected overnight Tuesday as a HIGH WIND WARNING remains in effect for the Front Range and western suburbs of Denver through Tuesday morning.

Package shot in the Ken Caryl area of Littleton, Colorado.

Scenes 1-8: Various shots of two large pine trees that were downed overnight in the winds and destroyed a fence.  Both trees came down along Chatfield Avenue in Littleton.  Shots include angles of the downed trees, including a pan shot of parts of the fence that were blown into the median.

Scenes 9-10: Shots of a trampoline that was hurled over a fence in the Ken Caryl neighborhood.

Scenes 11-12: Shots of the Chatfield Avenue sign at Ken Caryl Road that was bent off the light post.

Scene 13-14: Shots of a power crew repairing the intersection area from the wind damage.

Scene 15-19: Various shots of damaged fences in the Ken Caryl area.

Scene 20: Shot of large branches in the median of Chatfield Avenue.

Scene 21-22: Shots of Ken Caryl Plaza sign bent off the platform at a nearby shopping center.