2/17/2014 Burnsville, MN Winter Storm BRoll

Another winter storm impacted the Twin Cities metro area today as heavy snow made for difficult driving conditions along the Interstate 35 and 35E corridor.

Clip 1 Banner with Burnsville, MN and a large lighted snow flake on a streetlamp.

Clip 2 Car spun out with a tow truck and squad car blocking the road.

Clip 3 Tight shot of the tow truck and the car

Clip 4 Traffic moving slowly on Interstate 35

Clip 5 A car trying to drive up Nicollet Ave and the rear tires are spinning.

Clip 6 Close up of the tires spinning

Clip 7 Car crashed into the center divider cables.

Clip 8 Snow Plow

Clip 9 Two semi trucks in an accident where one rear ended the other.

Clip 10 POV Snow Plow with location sign

Clip 11 POV two snow plows

Clip 12 Snow plow and a wreck on Interstate 35E and Cedar Ave

Clip 13 Car spun out and in the center divider on interstate 35E and Cedar Ave