2/12/2014 Raleigh, NC Snow Storm & Wrecks

The road's in Raleigh today were so treacherous to drive on, our photographer did not even have to leave his front porch to witness several vehicle crashes and even a semi truck sliding backwards on the road in front of his home.

Clip 1 The driver locks up their breaks and slides into another car.

Clip 2 Someone walking on the street and falls down.

Clip 3 Vehicle pulls out into the road and smashed into the curb on the other side of the street.

Clip 4 Vehicle tries to turn into a parking area and slides into the side of the road and curb and barely stops before hitting the fence.

Clip 5 The weather is so bad, even the dog wont leave the porch.

Clip 6 Pickup truck spinning its wheels and can't get up the little hill.

Clip 7 Another pickup truck slides down the hill with the front tires locked up and wheels turned but misses hitting any cars and bounces off the curb.

Clip 8 Cars stuck in the middle of the road blocking traffic.

Clip 9 Car sliding down the road with its breaks locked up.

Clip 10 Silver car spinning its wheels and going nowhere

Clip 11 Pickup truck stuck in the road.

Clip 12 SUV spinning its wheels and not moving.

Clip 13 14 Several cars and vans stopped in the road and not moving with people walking around.

Clip 15 Semi truck sliding backwards down the small hill towards another car but the car moves out of the way before getting hit.

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