2/10/2014 Wichita Kansas Snow Storm Travel Hazards B-Roll

Snow fell across Wichita, Kansas early Monday morning creating slick traveling conditions. A winter weather advisory was in effect for this snow event. 3.8" of snow has been recorded in Wichita as of 5:00AM (CST).

TRT – 3:18

Shot List

1) Damage to the front end of a red Honda after sliding into a pole due to the slick road conditions.

2) Wider shot of the red Honda with police on the scene waiting for a tow truck to arrive.

3) Tow truck driver arrives and speaks to officer and car owner.

4) Tow truck lowering flatbed to hook up to car.

5) Tow truck driver hooking up to car with snow plows passing in the background.

6,7,8) Various shots of tow truck driver loading the Honda onto his truck.

9) A van that did a 360 and busted through a fence. Passenger gets out of van and gets into another vehicle. Other vehicle is out of the shot.

10) Officers assessing the accident.

11) An officer speaking to the driver of the van.

12) A black Saturn that is stuck on an on-ramp facing the wrong direction.

13) A motorist stops to help the stuck vehicle.

14) A man pushes the Saturn out and the car gets back on the road.

15) Snow plows clearing Wichita roads.

16) Snow falling shot.

17) Snow covered car.

18) Man shoveling snow in front of store.

19) Early morning traffic in Wichita, Kansas.

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