2/5/2014 Tippecanoe County, IN Winter Storm B-Roll.

Accumulation reaches 6"+ around Tippecanoe County, Indiana as road crews continue working into the morning.

Scene 1: Snow Emergency route sign with traffic.

Scene 2: Snow Emergency route sign, wide shot with no traffic.

Scene 3: Snow plow with bright lights drives through snow covered downtown Lafayette, IN.

Scene 4: Snow plow with Wind Turbines in back ground.

Scene 5: Bobcat clearing hospital parking lot in Lafayette, IN.

Scene 6: Railroad employees clear the snow from switches on the railroad.

Scene 7: Close shot of worker clearing snow form railroad switch.

Scene 8: Snow plow on bridge.

Scene 9: Traffic in snow covered intersection.

Scene 10: Snow covered intersection.

Scene 11: Traffic on bridge.