2/4/2014 Indianapolis, IN area Heavy Snow Winter Storm B-Roll

One of the most powerful and widespread winter storms of the year paralyzes states from the Great Plains through the Ohio Valley, and the Northeast. Heavy snow buries eastern Indiana along major Interstate Highway 70 near Indianapolis and Greensville, IN. The deep snow causes many motorists to lose control and slide into ditchs becoming stranded. Police and wreckers have to work late to clear roadways of the stranded cars.


1. daytime point of view driving shot of blowing, heavy snow and traffic on Interstate 70 east of Indianapolis, IN

2-3. daytime pushed-in shots of traffic in very low visibility heavy snow with blowing snow on Interstate 70 east of Indianapolis, IN

4-5. daytime pushed-in and pulled-out shots of car trapped in ditch in heavy snow with blowing snow on Interstate 70 east of Indianapolis, IN

6. night pushed-in shot of street light and heavy snow falling along Interstate 70 in eastern Indiana near town of Greensville

7. night pushed-in shot of Indianapolis and Columbus, OH sign on Interstate 70 with heavy snow falling with traffic in background near Greensville, IN

8. night pushed-in shot of snow plow with heavy snow falling near Greensville, IN

9. point of view night shot of heavy snow falling while driving in hazardous conditions near Greenville, IN

10-13. pulled-out and pushed-in night shots of wrecker loading stranded car with police officer and vehicle present on Interstate 70 near Greeenville, IN

14. pushed-in shot from above looking at slow-moving traffic in heavy snow along interstate 70 near Greenville, IN at night.

15. pushed-in shot of I-70 sign near Greenville, IN with heavy snow falling at night