2/4/2014 SCV Wichita, KS Snow Storm B-Roll

***Heavy snow is falling across the Wichita, Kansas area today creating slick driving conditions. Schools are closed and most people stayed home from work today.***

TRT – 2:50

Shot List

1) A Mustang gets stuck in the snow and a group of guys try to get it going down the road again.

2) Man digging snow out from under Mustang so the tires can get some traction with the roadway.

3) A single guy trying to push the Mustang.

4) A shot focused on a green Camaro having trouble getting around, when a blue truck does a 360 in the background.

5) Camaro sliding sideways at an intersection.

6) Snowblower with people walking along the sidewalk.

7,8) Shots of men clearing sidewalk with snowblower.

9) Very slow driving conditions on the interstates around Wichita.

10,11) Traffic shots in east Wichita along highway 54.

12) A Dodge Durango that slid through an intersection and got stuck (high centered) over a sidewalk and curb.

13) Traffic in downtown Wichita.

14) Man riding bike in snowstorm.

15) Snowblower shot.

16) Man clearing sidewalk with a small tractor.

17) Kids sledding on their day off from school.

18) tractor clearing sidewalk.