1/31/2014 Salina Kansas Snow Storm B-Roll

A winter weather advisory is in effect this morning for most of eastern Kansas and the northern pert of the state of Missouri as snow is expected to fall and create additional travel hazards this weekend.   The snow has already started to fall during the overnight hours in the city of  Salina Kansas.

1,2) A group of guys trying to push a sedan off of a median that it got stuck on.

3) Trying to pull the car with a tow chain and it just drags the car along the median further down the road.

4) A guy cleaning snow from his car.

5) Snow plows clearing snow from roadway.

6) Man spraying deicer on his windshield.

7) A guy cleaning snow from his car.

8) Two ladies trying to get snow and ice from their wiper blades.

9) People walking into WalMart in the snow.

10) Snow falling against lights.

11) Man cleaning snow from car.

12) Car at a street intersection with snow falling.

13) Cars covered in snow at a car dealership.

14) Snow plow clearing snow from the interstate.

15) POV shot driving in Salina with snow covered roads.