1/23/2014 Carbondale, IL Deep Freeze B-Roll

Yet another arctic blast drives south into southern Illinois with temperatures struggling to make the low teens on Thursday and wind chills below zero.

High temperatures on Thursday were over 30 degrees lower than the average highs during this time of year, and even the highs were 10-15 degrees cooler than the average overnight lows.  The temperatures have been so cold that nearby Crab Orchard Lake was freezing over, an event that occurs 1 in every 7 years according to local Meteorologists.

Video package opens with shots on Crab Orchard Lake just outside of Carbondale, Illinois in the southern part of the state.  Carbondale is about 100 miles southeast of St. Louis.

Scene 1-2: Confused seagulls sitting on an ice island in the middle of Crab Orchard Lake.

Scene 3: Shot of ice shore.

Scene 4-8: Various close-up shots of very thick ice over sticks along Crab Orchard Lake.

Scene 9: Carbondale Bank thermometer reading 11-degrees, more than 30 degrees below normal for this time of year.  Wind chills at the time were in the -10 range.

Scene 10: Wide shot looking at Southern Illinois University with passing car.

Scene 11-21: Various shots of bundled up people across SIU campus.

Scene 22: Shot of electricity marker flags flapping in the breeze with remnant snow on the ground.