1/22/2014 Pope County, MN Ground Blizzard

B-Roll footage of Ground Blizzard condition from Pope County which is in the west central part of Minnesota.  

With winds gusting over 40 mph, the fresh snow from the other day combined with the high winds is creating another ground blizzard.

Footage of white out conditions and blowing and drifting snow making travel this afternoon extremely hazardous.

TRT 2:57

Clip 1 Blowing snow over hay bales

Clip 2 Flags blowing in the winds gusting to over 40 mph.

Clip 3 Driving in blowing snow with a VO talking about the conditions.

Clip 4 Blowing snow obscuring the highway 28 sign

Clip 5-6 Blowing and drifting snow is covering up side roads with over a foot or more of snow drifts.  Clip 5 POV, Clip 6 Outside

Clip 7 Blowing snow over highway 28

Clip 8 Snow drifts

Clip 9 Blowing snow and snow drifts

Clip 10 Blowing snow with blue sky causing blinding conditions with the bright sun.

Clip 11 Blowing snow with traffic

Clip 12 Blowing and drifting snow

Clip 13 Low shot of the blowing snow

Clip 14-17 Traffic in the blowing snow

Clip 18-20 POV driving in blowing snow