1/22/2014 Oklahoma University Shooting Scare

Shot 1: Medium shot on a group of Norman PD squad cars

Shot 2: Tight shot on 2 undercover agents arriving and gearing up. 1 is ATF, 1 is US Marshall.

Shot 3: Shows 2 agents approaching the scene.

Shot 4: Tight shot on the NPD cars.

Shot 5: Tight shot of agents.

Shot 6: Wide shot of emergency vehicles and OU stadium.

Shot 7: Pan shot of numerous undercover vehicles.

Shot 8: Shot of police hummer.

Shot 9: Panning shot of police and campus with hundreds of students being escorted.

Shot 10: State troooper walking.

Shot 11: Norman PD and students.

Shot 12: Police line

Shot 13: Wide shot of police and stadium