1/2/2014 Internatoinal Falls,MN 42 Below Zero Daylight B-Roll

The official low temperature in International Falls, MN was -42F or -41.11C at sunrise this morning in International Falls, MN.

With the lack of any wind, the cold air has pooled over the area and trapped all of the exhaust gasses which has created smog.

Clip 1 International Falls City Limits Sign.

Clip 2 An outdoor thermometer showing -42F

Clip 3 An outdoor thermometer a few miles south of the city showing the air temp of -45F

Clip 4 Tight shot of the thermometer with the -45F air temp.

Clip 5 International Falls Water Tower

Clip 6 The welcome flags at the boarder entrance.

Clip 7 Traffic on Main Street.

Clip 8 The one and only person that was brave enough to be out walking along Main Street.

Clip 9 Snow and Ice Crystals that built up on the tree on main street from the exhaust gases from the smog.

Clip 10 Pan shot of the frost from the exhaust gases on the tree on main street.

Clip 11 Traffic on Main Street

Clip 12 Traffic on Main Street

Clip 13 Traffic on Main Street

Clip 14 International Falls Chamber Of Commerce building in the daylight with snow and ice on the roof.

Clip 15 Welcome To Minnesota Sign.

Clip 16 Exhaust Gases from the Boise Cascade Mill that were trapped by the temperature inversion.

Clip 17 Tight shot of the exhaust gases.

Clip 18 POV Driving shot of the smog from all of the exhaust gas from all of the furnaces, wood burning stoves, vehicles and business around the city.