1/1/2014 Wichita, Kansas Blowing Snow and Winter B-Roll

Strong winds combined with moderate snow to reduce visibility around Wichita, Kansas. The strong winds also produced wind chills below zero.***

TRT – 3:46

1) A couple walking to a restaurant through strong winds and blowing snow.

2) A man collecting shopping carts in blowing snow and strong winds.

3) A couple and child walking to their car in the snow.

4) American flag and blowing snow shot.

5) Time and temperature shot with snow falling.

6) Vehicles driving through Wichita in blowing snow.

7) Traffic at Kellogg (highway 54) and interstate 135.

8,9) Traffic and moderate snow in downtown Wichita.

10) Traffic on Kellogg at interstate 135 in Wichita.

11) Snow plows clearing off entrance ramp to highway.

12) Snow plows making a u-turn in the middle of a Wichita street.

13) Blowing snow in downtown Wichita.

14) POV shot driving with blowing snow on a Wichita street.

15) POV shot driving with blowing snow on interstate 235 in west Wichita.

16,17,18,19) B-roll shots of snow falling agains lights.

20,21) Blowing snow (ground blizzard looking shots).

22) Traffic on interstate 135 with blowing snow.

23) Blowing snow patterns in the headlights of oncoming traffic.