12/11/2013 Pulaski, NY Lake Effect Snow

Prolonged multi-day Lake Effect Snow event dumping over 2 feet of snow over Oswego County, NY including the town of Pulaski. Frigid arctic air moving over the much warmer surface of Lake Ontario created a heavy band of snow training over the same area of Upstate New York producing incredible snowfall totals.

Scene 1: car with deep snow on roof at gas station in Pulaski, NY

Scene 2: colorful sunrise during the snow storm in Pulaski, NY

Scene 3: driving shot of pedestrian walking along road, because snow is too deep on sidewalk

Scenes 4-8: driving footage of traffic and snowplow during storm, driving footage of snow covered vegetation, and blowing snow in Oswego County

Scene 9: Electronic road sign warning "Heavy Snow in Area" & "Reduced Speed Advised" with traffic and heavy snow

Scenes 10-11: high contrast heavy snowfall and trees

Scenes 12-14: ice-covered trees south of Scranton, PA from heavy freezing rain