12/11/2013 Oswego County NY Lake Effect Snow

Heavy lake effect snow from Lake Ontario over Oswego County New York.  Footage shot around Pulaski, NY.

Clip 1 POV driving in heavy lake effect snow.

Clip 2 POV driving in heavy lake effect snow.

Clip 3-4 Tight and wide shot of street light with heavy snow falling.

Clip 5 Snow falling in almost white out conditions

Clip 6 Heavy snow falling with a South Interstate 81 sign.

Clip 7 POV shot of very low visablity while driving in the snow.

Clip 8 Sign warning of snow plows driving slow on Interstate 81.

Clip 9 Snow plow

Clip 10 – 12 Wide, Medium and tight shot of the blowing snow and a bill borad at night.

Clip 13 POV shot

Clip 14 Semi truck off in the ditch in the snow.  

Clip 15 Road sigh showing that Pulaski was 5 miles away.