12/6/2013 Mount Vernon, IL Winter Storm Travel Hazards

An intense winter storm continues to barrel across the country bringing ice, sleet, and heavy snows to many states, including Illinois which just saw a State of Emergency declared for Jackson County due to heavy snow, which is just to the southwest of Mt. Vernon. Snow totals pushing a foot have been recorded across Illinois with Mt. Vernon ranging around 10 inches as of 10am CST.

Mt. Vernon is in Jefferson County, Illinois approximately 80 miles east of St. Louis.

Scenes 1-4: Tipped over semi truck along I-57 south of Mt. Vernon.

Scenes 5-6: Two semis that came together in the center median of I-57 south of Mt. Vernon.

Scene 7: Semi truck off the shoulder along an on-ramp to I-57 southbound south of Mt. Vernon.

Scenes 8-10: Shots of a pickup truck spinning wheels trying to get free of a snow bank.

Scenes 11-15: Shots at the scene of a vehicle in a snowbank with cops blocking the lanes and a tow truck pulling the vehicle out of the snowbank.

Scene 16-17: Man pushing a girl and her car onto the street. Girl waves out the driver window in second scene as she safely pulls off.

Scene 18: A car trapped in a snowbank with several people around the vehicle and a cop in the foreground.

Scene 19: POV shot as a pickup has to back into traffic to get into a parking lot.

Scene 20: Semi truck spinning its wheels trying to get out of a parking lot.

Scene 21: POV in nearly white-out conditions with vehicle barely visible ahead.

Scene 22: Wide POV of northbound snowplow on I-57 south of Mt. Vernon.