12/6/2013 Missouri Bootheel Area Winter Storm B-Roll

Simon Brewer from the hit TV show Storm Riders on The Weather Channel was out shooting for us this morning in the Missouri Bootheel region to document the winter storm and ice storm that is hitting the region.

In the video, Simon documented  Powerflashes from ice on powerlines covered in ice,
power lines shorting out, heavy snow, heavy icing and incredible power of the winter storm system hitting the area.

Clip 1-2 Power lines shorting out and sparking.

Clip 3-4 Snow plow with under body blade sparking on the roadway.

Clip 5 Street light and power lines covered in ice.

Clip 6 Ran and sleet bouncing off a flag lamp

Clip 7 American Flag covered in ice still plowing in the wind

Clip 8 Vegetation covered in ice.

Clip 9 Fence coverd in ice

Clip 10 Fence covered in ice.

Clip 11 Tight shot of barbed wire covered in ice.

Clip 12 Car in the ditch

Clip 13 Ice covering the ground and power lines.

Clip 14 – 15 Tight shots of power lines.

Clip 16 – 18 Wide and tight shots of crews out working to restore the power.

Clip 19 POV shot of driving with everything covered in ice.

Clip 20 – 22 POV Shots of driving in the ice storm.

Clip 23 POV shot driving in the snow and ice.