12/5/2013 Saint Cloud, MN Sub Zero Temps, Roads with Black Ice & Sun Dog

After the winter storm that hit the area yesterday moved out, the cold temperatures have moved in with afternoon high temps in Central Minnesota not even making it out of the single digits.

While the cleanup on the roads continue, the problem now is the "Black Ice" that is on the roads and making them dangerous to drive on with the combination of the high winds.

The cold temperatures did bring a very spectacular sight in the sky this morning with amazing Sun Dog, or Parhelion in the sky.

Clip 1 A bank sign is reading the outside air temp of -1F this morning.

Clip 2-3 Sun Dogs at sunrise with high winds blowing the snow across the ground.

Clip 4 High winds blowing the flags straight out in the wind.

Clip 5 Wreck on Interstate 94

Clip 6 POV shot showing the Black Ice on the interstate and talking about the black ice on the interstate.

Clip 7 Blowing and drifting snow across a roadway.

Remaining clips are POV crash from people that lost control on the black ice and high winds.