11/5/2013 Wichita Kansas Afternoon Rain

TRT – 3:02

1) Two ladies, underneath umbrellas, walking towards the camera.

2) Same two ladies walking away from the camera.

3) A woman walking with an umbrella.

4) An SUV with headlights on and windshield wipers going.

5) Downtown shot of Wichita with rainy, overcast skies.

6) Keeper of the Plains statue with rainy, overcast conditions.

7) Downtown Wichita shot.

8) Downtown Wichita shot.

9) Flag shot.

10) Traffic on interstate 135 with a reminder to turn on your headlights when running your wipers.

11) POV shot driving through Wichita with rain and traffic.

12,13,14) Traffic driving in rainy conditions along interstate 135.

15) Rain falling agains red SUV.

16) Rain falling in front of back time and temperature sign.

17) Rain falling into puddles along the street.

18) A truck driving through water at a street intersection.