11/2/2013 Sarasota, FL Squall At Siesta Beach

Footage of a squall moving onshore from Gulf of Mexico at Sarasota County FL. Ominous shelf clouds, people in wind, rain, and high surf. TRT 2:12

Shot List:

1,2,3) Three varied shots of ominous shelf cloud coming onshore at Siesta Beach.
4) Life guard putting up red warning flag.
5) Tight shot of red warning flag in wind.
6,7,8) Three varied shots of people hiding from wind driven rain behind green life guard shack.
9) Guy with beach gear leaving beach in rain.
10) Couple in high surf in wind driven rain.
11) Woman scrambling off beach in wind & rain, thru frame.
12) Wide shot of squall moving through.
13) High choppy waves on Sarasota Bay (intercoastal) from wind.
14) Palm tree tops in wind.